Hall Cabinets, Benches and Accent Chests Increasing in Popularity

I remember the 70’s very well. Hallways in houses and apartments were almost always decorated the same way. There were two options. Option one was no decoration at all, just barren hallway. Option two was a variation on the theme of family pictures cascading down a staircase wall in a forty-five degree line. You remember those houses, don’t you? Like me, you may have even lived in one. A hallway, entry way or foyer decorated with family pictures. Wow, doesn’t that take me back…

Nowadays, thankfully, family pictures are framed and sitting on tables in the “family room” or hanging on the walls in this most comfortable of family sanctuaries. No longer do people feel the need to assault visitors and guest with the grimacing mug of Uncle Charley as soon as they enter the house. The welcome replacements to family pictures have been hall cabinets, benches and accent chests.

Hall cabinets, benches and accent chests, whether alone or with a picture or mirror above, are an excellent way to decorate entry ways, foyers and hallways. From Bombay chest beauties to settees and chaise lounges, more people are starting to realize that having one piece of furniture in areas such as these makes a tasteful statement about a home’s overall decor. Pieces such as these can set the mood for visitors and guests and often are a telling mark of the style and preferences of the owners. I have an accent chest in my home that sits in a smaller hallway connecting two rooms and a gorgeous, hand painted three door cabinet in my entryway, above which I have placed a framed print. I have had more compliments on these two pieces than any other, although I have been complimented on my overall style many times. Since these pieces are often the first that people see, the warming effects they lend to an area is especially appreciated.

Isn’t it time you took that 8×10 of the most recent family reunion and placed something a little more elegant in your entryway? Pick put something that reflects your individual style and tastes, and put that picture somewhere where it will be seen often by those who can truly appreciate it.

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