Good, Clean Fun All Year Long

All year long, families enjoy heading outside to spend time together-barbecues, camping trips, football games and more.

Families look forward to this special time spent enjoying the great outdoors, but moms know that these festivities often bring with them a heap of grass-and-dirt-stained laundry to tackle. According to a study conducted by Unilever, moms claim that stains are their number one laundry problem, with 54 percent saying they find grass stains very difficult to remove.*

However, there’s good news for moms who love that their families are outside, active and having fun, but dread the laundry-room fight to remove the stains from their families’ outdoor wear. There’s a new laundry solution that provides exceptional cleaning.

Wisk Dual Action is a three-times concentrated detergent with stain-dissolving power, specially formulated to double as a pre-treater for stubborn stains.** When used as both a pretreater and detergent, it is tougher on grass stains than the leading detergent and pretreater combined.*** Tough and compact, a 32-oz. bottle cleans up to 32 loads of laundry-the same amount as a 100-oz. bottle of traditional detergent.

“We believe that you should go out and have fun, even if you get dirty in the process,” says Howard Kaiserman, Laundry RTC Director, Unilever. “We’ve developed Wisk Dual Action-a concentrated formula that is both an effective pretreater and a great whole wash detergent. One small capful gets your whole wash clean without having to buy an extra pretreater product.”

Now, no matter what the occasion, moms can encourage their families to go ahead and get dirty, knowing Wisk Dual Action will handle the tough stains and help keep the family outdoor fun worry-free. The detergent is available at local grocery and mass retail stores.

A proven stain fighter allows families to enjoy good, clean fun-even if they get dirty in the process.

* Unilever Stain Diary 2003-2004

** vs. 100-oz. bottle of regular detergent

*** on 100% cotton in warm water

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