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Regardless of whether your work is in wood or metal, setting up a workshop is an easy task when you have a supplier that can provide you with Jet power tools. These high quality woodworking and metalworking tools can be found at more than nine thousand dealers throughout the world.

Jet power tools are made from a collection of the finest materials and technology world-wide. These tools are manufactured in places where engineers have fine-tuned the craft of tool making and designed the tools to support them. One of the qualities specific to Jet power tools is that they offer the accessories that are most useful to that particular tool. For instance, power saws are supported by accessories such as the Cyclone Dust Collector and Parallel clamps, which both make working with the saw easier and more efficient. These power tools are backed by warranties on each product and authorized distributors of jet tools also stand behind this warranty. All tools can be serviced and maintained at authorized jet service centers throughout the world. If you need a part, it will be available to you since replacement parts are well stocked with more than three million dollars in parts in stock at all times.

Jet has receipt many prestigious awards within the power tool industry, but these awards are not won easily. All tools within a certain category, world-wide and at all price levels are ranked and compared. Woodworking magazines have consistently rated Jet tools as the finest power tools on the market.

Not only does Jet offer the highest quality tools, it also offers the widest variety of power tools. Jet’s lathe, table saw and long bed jointer are some of the most convenient woodworking tools Jet manufactures. The portable horizontal band saw is one of the more special items from Jet. The lightweight series of saws are great for projects carried out in a location other than the workshop, since they are small yet capable of a lot. The blades can be adjusted from forty-five to sixty degree angles which are great for miter cuts. The bi-metal blade is durable and able to handle jobs normally requiring larger saws. Further, the optional floor stand instantly turns this saw into a multi-functional table saw.

To get the most from Jet’s portable saws, tools and other machinery, Jet has created training videos presenting all of its top products. The training series is known as the “Shopclass Series.” WMH Tool Group or specific Jet product distributors should be able to provide you with a list of titles to help you complete any project.

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