The Garage: A Man’s Best Friend

If a woman’s place is in the kitchen, what is the man’s place in the home? If a woman loves to work with her hands and create beautiful meals for her family, where does a man like to work and keep busy? For some men, it is the home office, but for most men, their place is in the garage.

A garage is a man’s treasure house. It is full of the things a man loves most. Walls are lined with row after row of tools. Most men know exactly where every tool in their garage is even if they haven’t used it for years. Men also keep shovels, lawn mowers, and a variety of other outdoor equipment for lawn maintenance and family recreation organized somehow in their garage. Most men are always looking for new and better ways to show off the prized possessions that adorn their garage walls and fill their cabinents.

The garage is also the place that holds what for many men is the most prized posession of all: the car. And we all know that men love cars. They love to wash them, detail them, and they certainly love to talk about them. They love to buy new ones and restore old ones, they love to go to car shows and compare their vehicles with the vehicles of others. And the garage is the starting place for all of this. In the garage is where men spend hour after hour working on their cars and making improvements on them. Many sons learn to love cars like their fathers after an afternoon or two spent with dad in the garage.

Many men love to gather in the garage. It is not uncommon for a gathering of many families to end up with the women in the kitchen and the men huddled in the garage. There men share beer, cigars, and stories. They talk about their jobs, they talk about their favorite sports, and they talk about their latest adventures. They encourage in their manly pursuits and catch up on who is doing what to improve their homes, cars, and other posessions. The garage really is a place of friendship for men.

So, the next time your husband or father cannot be found when dinner is on the table, look no further than the garage. It is almost sure that he can be found out there, fixing something you didn’t know was broken or trying to make something he has a little bit bigger, better or faster. Everyone says that dog is a man’s best friend, but I disagree. For many men I know, the garage is his best friend.

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