The Best Places to Stay in Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios isn’t just a tropical paradise with a huge array of activities and natural beauty; it’s also the home of some great accommodation choices! There are a number of fantastic options for tourists looking for a place to stay. Where you end up spending your nights depends on your budget as well as what you’re looking for. There are all-inclusive resorts for couples, family resorts, high-end hotels, moderate hotels, villas, lodges, and more. Although the all-inclusive resorts are the most expensive, the “all-inclusive” factor means guests pay one price for accommodations, meals, and entertainment. Some popular Ocho Rios all-inclusive resorts include Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club and Beaches Grand Sport at Ciboney.

The beautiful beach front, retro-looking Jamaica Inn is one of Ocho Rios’ most expensive hotels, complete with attractive patios, spacious bedrooms, deluxe bathrooms, room service, a pool, two bars, a tennis court, and more. If you are taking a family vacation you should keep in mind that children under 13 are not welcome at this particular hotel.

Built around a sensational 1,500-foot golden beach in a private cover is the Shaw Park Beach Hotel, with a 1950s look yet modern bedrooms and bathrooms. This hotel features a family-friendly environment, ocean front units, as well as live entertainment and a wide array of water sports.

Noel Coward’s Blue Harbour is a popular accommodation for Ocho Rios visitors. A nostalgic retreat compound once owned by Noel Coward comfortably houses about 10 to 12 guests at a time. The entire center can be rented in whole or in part, and includes the Villa Grande main house, the Villa Rose guesthouse, and the small Villa Chica cottage, and many amenities.

Moderately priced hotels in Ocho Rios include the family-favorite Comfort Suites Crane Ridge, which overlooks Ocho Rios, the intimate Hibiscus Lodge Hotel and the High Hope Estate. For accommodation that’s a bit easier on your budget, try Little Pub Inn, Parkway Inn, Pineapple Hotel, or Tamarind Tree Hotel.

By doing some online research, you can not only find out what accommodation is available that fits within your budget, but also what other tourists who have stayed there thought of it! Use this information to book the best vacation in Ocho Rios that falls within your budget.

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