The Amway Way

I can still recall the first time I ever heard of Amway. It began with a friendship my parents had with a seven-foot man and his redheaded wife. We visited their home, and I saw the blue Amway logo, but never understood its significance. Little did I know what a world places like Amway opened with its success: the world of MLM home based business may have not begun with the company, but the company made it famous.

While the typical MLM home based business claims to have its base in the home, all MLM home based businesses actually have a corporate headquarters. The gurus, the CEOS, the ones who invented their companies in the first place do not work out of their kitchen, dining room table, or garage, but they work from a plush corner office on the umpteenth floor of a skyscraper in urban America. It’s ironic, really, considering that everything that earns them money is ulterior to their current location. Regardless, MLM home based companies have become successful business. Why?

Those who hate their jobs typically do not work from home. They climb into a car and commute for a significant part of their day. As a result of this torturous commute, the majority of these workers dream about the perfect job where the commute does not burn gasoline. Then they discover the MLM home based business opportunity of their dreams, they quit their job, maybe make some financial modifications, and start their own business from their garage, dining room table, or kitchen. They make a little money, and they rejoice.

After a few months of successful sales and forming a clear customer base, the new salesman and MLM home based business opportunity has grown into its own microcosm of business. The businessman is ready to market a new aspect to his product: the ability to sell the product. Multi-level business requires a salesperson to do more than just sell the product: he or she must also recruit other sales people. This may seem like odd business, as no one wants competition in the neighborhood, but the typical MLM business has solved this problem by paying the original sales person for his find of another good salesman.

Thus we can see both what makes for a good MLM home based business.

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