Splash Up Your Walls With Wall Lettering

One of the latest things in home decor is vinyl wall lettering. I know what your thinking vinyl lettering in my house on my walls. Vinyl lettering is something you might see in an office building, hotel or any other place of business, but in my home. Yes in your home, you have probably seen one form or another of vinyl lettering in maybee a kid’s bedroom, or play room. Maybe the child’s name would be on the wall in vinyl lettering or on some type of a sign or banner, along with some vinyl decals of sports, cartoon characters, trucks, animals or whatever the child might like. Another great idea for a childs room would be there birthdate on the wall with there weight at birth.

Now you are see vinyl lettering in adult living areas. You might see a food fraise in the kitchen or actual food names on the wall in vinyl lettering to match the look of the kitchen. You will also could use vinyl wall lettering in the master bedroom with a date or place that the couple met or was important to them. A romantic poem is another great idea for lettering on a bedroom wall. The living room or foyer area in the house would have an inspirational or religious message with vinyl wall lettering. It is all personal preference to the homeowner on the type of message they would like to see every day and show their guests when they visit. Having a message on the wall that goes with the look of your home will look elagant and become a conversational item.

This just another way to bring a different look to your home. In the case of vinyl wall lettering you can choose the color and font to match the style in the room. A lot of the latest trendy home decor websites and magazines are talking about this new way to add some pizzazz to your home. So do be the last one to get the message!

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