Necker Island Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands

I had a very clear picture in my mind about what Necker Island would be like, but it far surpassed my expectations.

The whole thing is just like a house party, except you are not surrounded by English moors, rain, probably mist, and sharing one bathroom between six bedrooms!!.

Here at Necker you are surrounded by a bluey-turquoise sea, that is beautifully clear, with beaches on all sides, there is a hot sun, blue sky, and 14 bedrooms with 42 staff to look after you.
This is paradise!!

You can choose what you want to do, by that I mean you can just laze around or be energetic and enjoy all the water sports you can dream of. By the way the snorkeling was quite impressive whilst not in the same league as the Indian Ocean, or the Red Sea, it was pretty good.

The service from the staff makes you feel like royalty, and nothing seems like too much trouble to them. They were really unobtrusive, but always there when needed.

For something special, recommend to your wife or partner the massage on the beach, and the champagne that goes with it, in fact whilst you are at it, have one yourself!!

Be prepared for a gourmet foodfest, because the food is fantastic, and you can eat pretty well whatever you want, whenever you want. It makes the place to have the best dinner party ever, with all the guests being friends, being waited on hand and foot, dressed to kill, eating wonderful food, and drinking some of the best wines you can think of.

I don’t know how much it costs to stay there, as I said before, I was a guest, and my host paid for the whole thing, all the rooms on the island, so I shudder to think!!

I believe there are a few weeks in the year, September or October, perhaps when you can go and stay in a suite without taking the whole island, and I think that costs around $19000 a week for two.

Still it’s fun to dream!!

We were in one of the bedrooms in the main house, which was fantastic, but we were able to look around, and the master bedroom is just out of this world complete with jacuzzi.

The Main House is styled like a Balinese villa, and it has its own swimming pool, waterfall, large terrace, and enormous reception area. There are two one bedroomed Balinese Houses, each with its own pool, terraces and dining areas, you rally have to see it to believe it.

Just buy lottery tickets, and dream!!

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