Kitchen As Part Of House Design Considerations

There is no place in the house that is used more often than the kitchen. The kitchen is the nerve center of any family’s operations; meals are created there, snacks prepared, often it is the area where the family will get together. It is also one of the most important rooms in the home in terms of determining the value, and is a vital area when company comes to visit on their impression of your lifestyle. It is very important, then, that kitchens be modeled not only for convenience and function but also for great visual appeal.

A good kitchen design will mean that everything, from the kitchen cabinets to the furniture, will complement the look of the kitchen as well as function in such a way that the flow of operations within the area is ensured. Any piece of equipment that sticks out too far or doors that do not close properly will prove highly annoying at the least, and at the worst may also prove to be dangerous.

When you are designing a kitchen, space is by far the key area to focus on. There needs to be adequate space for the storage of food and equipment, easy access to those spots, a good and functional sink, plenty of countertop workspace, and the whole thing should be easy to clean. One method that people use to determine the right amount of space within their kitchen area is known as the triangle of the kitchen, or the work triangle. This is the area in your kitchen where the most of work will take place; imagine a line that starts at the sink and extends to the stove top, then down to the refrigerator, and back to the sink. The sides of this triangle should be about 26 feet long when added together, and no one side should be less than four feet or more than nine feet.

Remember as you design your storage space that you will accumulate more tools in the kitchen as time goes by. Everyone inevitably realizes that there is something important in their kitchen that they do not possess, and when you get that new food processor or blender you will want to have somewhere to store it. So, don’t just plan for what you have at the moment; plan for the future as well.

The measurements and the placing of the various crafted parts of the kitchen are also very important. Make sure that all the doors and drawers of your cabinets both open and shut without banging into each other or into pieces of equipment in the kitchen.

Open kitchens are the style these days, and with good reason. The less walls that are in the kitchen, the less potential there is for food stains. Also, easy access to the kitchen is good for any cook who also is responsible for monitoring the activities of children in the house. Any walls that you do put in, as well as the roof, need to be coated with a durable, stain-resistant paint. You should also make sure that the kitchen is well ventilated; windows are a must, and many will have a door nearby. Even the best cooks sometimes leave a pot on too long!

Paying careful attention when designing your kitchen is a big step in making sure that you love your work space for years to come.

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