Impression Well Maid: The Importance of Maid and Housekeeping Uniforms

If you’ve ever wandered the halls of a hotel searching for an ice dispenser or snack machine, the most convenient employee to track down is a maid or housekeeper. They swarm the halls with carts of bedding and cleaning supplies, and can usually be spotted in professional-looking maid or housekeeping uniforms, complete with skirts and white tennis shoes.

However, on occasion, a hotel or motel’s employee policy doesn’t require their cleaning staff to dress in a uniform. Instead, they show up to work in street clothes, or whatever they happen to roll out of bed wearing that morning. This lack of business-like apparel not only sends an arbitrary message to the guests, but it also makes it difficult for them to track down an employee when information or accommodations are needed.

Doesn’t sound too professional, does it?

While a hotel décor may be fancy and well put together, if the employees appear unkempt or sloppy, the reputation of the establishment can easily go out the window. But an establishment that requires their staff to wear maid and housekeeping uniforms will project a clean and professional environment.

This is easiest accomplished if the management has pre-selected set of uniforms in tact for housekeeping employees, making sure that they are all identical, so that they can easily be distinguished by guests. It should also be mandatory that uniforms are laundered every night and kept ironed and wrinkle-free. Providing a few maid and housekeeping uniforms employees could lighten their load of constant upkeep.

Any accessories for the uniforms, such as aprons, belts, pins or scarves should be mandatory and worn in a systematic way. Although these extra items may be uncomfortable and cause complaints, if one employee is given leeway, others could follow with petty objections and disharmony.

Along with fixed accessories, socks and shoes should also be unitary. Whether the standards are white socks with white tennis shoes, or black, rubber-soled, non-slick shoes worn with panty hose or knee-highs, all of the employees should be in unison for that crisp team look.

Although some hotels provide career apparel for their housekeeping employees, others who require more basic clothing (like black pants or white shirts) summon prospective workers to purchase their own gear. This may be easier on the budget of the employer, but may create hardship for the low-income person attempting to make a living by starting a new job. In cases like these, perhaps inexpensive clothing articles could be purchased by the employer, deducting small amounts from the employee’s paychecks to reimburse for the uniform. It is important to keep in mind that although the employee may wish to make a good impression and look professional, he or she may not have the financial means to go out and purchase necessary items. Hotel and motel employees have a tough job. Sporting professional maid and housekeeping uniforms could not only benefit the demeanor of the hotel or motel, but also provide the employee with a lift of self-esteem or sense of belonging by looking fresh and orderly during their shifts.

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