Finding The Right Housewarming Gift Basket

You may know a couple that has just bought their first house. Of course, you would like to give them a gift for the special occasion, but you aren’t quire sure what to get. It’s generally a good idea to avoid the more expensive house decorations, like lamps and furniture, just in case your taste does not match theirs. Unless you know for sure of a specific item that the new homeowners have been wanting. If that isn’t the case, consider creating a unique gift in the form of a housewarming gift basket.

About Housewarming Gift Baskets

The great things about gift baskets is that they can include whatever you want them to include with the only limitation being that they must fit within the basket that you purchase. While some stores might sell custom-made housewarming gift baskets, many times you will have to create one yourself based on the things you know that the couple either needs or would really enjoy.

For example, the husband loves golf, and you know that he will have a den in the new house. So, include in the gift basket a professional picture of his favorite golfer or golf course. You may also find items like golf figurines, clocks, desk accessories, and picture frames to name a few. The wife loves arts and crafts, and as such will have her own sewing room in the new house, so you might want to get her a personalized sign for her door and include that in the gift basket.

Housewarming gift baskets don’t have to include only those things that would be appropriate for the new home. For example, if you know that the couple has a favorite restaurant, get them a gift certificate there. Or, if they are new to the neighborhood and the area, get them a guide book containing all the nearby attractions, and a gift certificate to a nearby restaurant that you think they would like.

Perhaps the couple is the kind that likes to stay in and plans to do so a lot as they get used to their new home. If you think this is the case, make a gift basket that includes such things as DVDs, music (to set the mood) and perhaps even a matching set of his and hers pajamas!

When a couple first moves into their new home, chances are that their refrigerator may be somewhat empty. This can easily be fixed with the right gift basket. If you know the couple quite well, include their favorite treats, as well as goodies packed in the form of a picnic basket, so that one of the couple’s first meals in their new home can be a romantic one. With the proper planning and effort, you are sure to create a housewarming gift basket that the couple is sure to appreciate.

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