Different Styles of Shower Doors Layout

In modern houses, bathrooms have become much more spacious and multi-functional than in the past. Bathrooms are a place to escape to and relax. There are many important décor elements that should be incorporated into a bathroom to make it a private haven. The Shower is a focal point of a bathroom, and there are many ways to make it beautiful. Shower doors make the shower its own area that can serve as a sauna. Here are some ways to incorporate shower doors into any bathroom.

Choosing styles and layouts is the way to get started designing your shower enclosure. There are numerous ways glass shower doors and panels can be laid out to custom fit any bathroom. A small shower stall may have just one door hinged on one side. However, panels can be added to either side for larger shower stalls, and return panels are added to corner stall setups.

Large shower stalls can use 1 door, 2 panels, and 1 return panel depending on size and shape. Shower doors that are on a corner require a header system to support the shower door mechanics. Panels can be full length or shorter and attached to walls.

Steam Showers use this same concept of layout, but add swivel panels that allow or disallow steam to escape. The shower stall is completely enclosed by shower doors and walls. In one of the panels there is a swivel panel that operates of special hinges to be opened when desired.

All shower stall door layouts can be completely customized to include things like tile work, seating, special faucets and shower heads, and other decorative accents.

Get started on making your bathroom an escape haven today. A shower door not only enhances the look of your bathroom and the feeling of the shower, but it adds value to a home. It is an investment that is well worth the money. Angela Oliver is an author for The Shower Door Experts, offering sales and installation of shower doors, serving Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.. Visit the site today to get started on your shower door layout.

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