Culinary Help Line Rescues Holiday Cooks

Culinary Help Line Rescues Holiday Cooks

Trying to get those awkward food processor parts together in time to prepare the hors d’oeuvres for a holiday party? Can’t find the part you need for the coffee machine you’ve stashed away? Help is a free call away.

Culinary Parts Unlimited, a company that maintains an inventory of replacement kitchen equipment parts and accessories, has staff on call seven days a week to assist home chefs with their culinary quandaries.

“We have a full staff of culinary experts, thoroughly trained and experienced in using all of the key appliances needed for holiday cooking and baking, such as food processors, stand mixers and blenders,” said Lorraine Brady, president of Culinary Parts Unlimited. “We’re delighted to help consumers not only figure out how to use that fancy food processor or bread machine they received as a wedding gift but also talk them through basic culinary steps so that they’re completely comfortable preparing holiday recipes.”

Culinary Parts Unlimited also can help frantic holiday cooks locate parts, accessories and appliances for more than 40 well-known brands. The company stocks everything from Cuisinart food processor bowls and KitchenAid wire whisks to Krups and Braun coffee carafes as well as parts for juicers, ice cream makers and other specialty items. Orders ship within 24 hours; air shipping is available for “holiday emergencies.”

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