Al-Qaeda in Iraq Announces New Leader. Or Do They?

Following the premature death of its currently fragmented leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Al-Qaeda in Iraq questioned its rather trembled participants regarding that want to take control of Mr. Zarqawi’s task. After a figured out initiative, the team had the ability to discover a terrorist that, though revealing reasonable hesitation, was ultimately encouraged to approve the expectedly temporary setting.

The common unskilled Webcast was rapidly set up, and also the brand-new leader, flanked by various other terrorists putting on the standard-issue black head disguises, presented himself, with noticeable knee drinking, as Abu Hamza al-Muhajer.

In the co-opted, overbearingly spiritual language that has actually ended up being the globally criterion in terrorist-speak, the brand-new leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq promised to retaliate al-Zarqawi’s fatality and also pledged that he as well as the various other “divine warriors” will certainly proceed with exactly what they view as a divine battle versus their very own slack population as well as individuals Al-Qaeda describes with moronic middle ages acumen as “the crusaders.”

” Don’t allow the pleasure of eliminating our Sheikh Abu Musab, might God honor his spirit, fool you,” he specified, “for he left lions.”

To confirm his factor, then, he stood up a raw shish-kabob as well as took a bite from it. Eating on the raw lamb meat, he proceeded: “He elevated them by himself as well as they learnt his den. They rely on their belief, and also they deal with just for God and also in God and also with God.”

Obviously, the team needed to get to much down right into its rankings to find an additional prepared volunteer. No one on the side of the infidels had actually ever before listened to of him, also the most erudite terrorist expert.

A couple of days later on, his identification was figured out. After the statement, his photo-ID poster was required to a United States shooting array for target method.

No remark loomed up until and also a pair days later on, when a terrorist of also much less acceptability made a tape, asserting he is the rightful other that’s image needs to get on the shooting variety.

Whoever the brand-new leader is, if collared active, he will certainly be sent out for re-training in spiritual belief to an informed mosque, if one could be situated, in which he will certainly discover the befuddling reasoning that if, as he and also his ill-informed mates keep, there is just one real God, also crusaders are the kids of the exact same God, so such a God is not likely to invite them right into the heaven they wish for as a benefit for their homicidal tasks yet will certainly much more most likely existing them with an extra warmed welcome and also location.

To verify his factor, at that minute, he held up a raw shish-kabob as well as took a bite out of it. Eating on the raw lamb meat, he proceeded: “He increased them by himself as well as they educated in his den. They think in their ideological background, as well as they deal with just for God and also in God as well as via God.”

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