Adult Boy Scout Leaders: Positions You May Find Available

Are you an adult parent or are you an adult community member who would like to assist with the Boy Scouts of America, namely a local council or chapter? If you are, you may want to see if there are any open leadership positions in your area. While simply volunteering to assist the Boy Scouts is a good deed, you may enjoy becoming an official adult leader yourself.

When it comes to volunteering as a Boy Scout leader, you will find that you have a number of different options. There are a number of different adult leader needs. A few of the many adult Boy Scout leader positions you may find available in or around your area are outlined below for your convenience. With that in mind, it is important to examine your location. Your area may have all of these positions already filled with quality leaders. If so, you can still volunteer or regularly check back for more openings.

Cub Scouting is a membership division of the Boy Scouts of America. It is designed for children between the ages of seven and ten, give or take a little bit depending on the children’s grade level at school. If you are interested in volunteering to assist young, elementary school aged boys, you may want to examine the positions of Cubmaster or Assistant Cubmaster.

The job responsibilities of a Cubmaster focus on developing “strong leaders.” They are responsible for planning group, also commonly referred to as Den, activities. With Cub Scouts typically being at a young age, the Cubmaster is responsible for keeping all adult family members advised of upcoming meetings and activities. An Assistant Cubmaster will provide help and assistance to the Cubmaster and they may even temporarily replace the head Cubmaster in times of need, such as in the event of a family emergency.

Another adult leader position that you may find available within your local Boy Scout Dens is that of a Webelos Den Leader. A Webelos Den Leader must be at least twenty-one years of age. It is recommended that you are the parent of a Boy Scout, but other community members are able to apply for the position, as long as they agree to abide by the Boy Scouts of America’s rules and restrictions.

The job responsibilities of a Webelos Den Leader may vary, but they are responsible for planning activities for their pack of Boy Scouts. This may include adventurous teambuilding exercises, as well as community volunteer efforts. Webelos Den Leaders must be in constant contact with parents and members to collect dues, organize extended camping trips, and so forth. As with the position of Assistant Cubmaster, you may find an opening for a Webelos Assistant Den Leader.

Another leadership position that you may find interesting and worth the look is that of a Pack Trainer. Pack trainers must be at least twenty-one years of age and it is recommended that they are or were a Boy Scouts member at one time or another. Typically, Cubmasters and other leaders are first selected as Pack Trainers. As a Pack Trainer, you would be responsible for meeting with new Boy Scouts and their parents, encouraging current Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders to stay up-to-date on their training and participate in Boy Scout sponsered events.

Additional adult leader positions that you may find available with the Boy Scouts include Pack Committee members, Recruiting members, and much more. When examining all Boy Scout adult leadership positions, be sure to examine the requirements and age restrictions. Although many positions have an age requirement, such as twenty-one years of age, other positions are designed for young adults currently active in the Boy Scouts of America, such as those members of the Venturing division.

As a reminder, the need for adult Boy Scout leaders may vary, depending on your place of residence. Even if you are unable to volunteer as an adult leader, you may still want to stay active with the Boy Scouts. Typically, you will find that any community involvement, especially from parents, is welcomed with open arms.


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