Television-Which Would You Buy LCD-Plasma-Regular?

Television-Which Would You Buy LCD/Plasma/Regular?

There are a huge number of people looking to buy a decent television. Myself included! We have to bang on the top of my television whenever it decides to go snowy.

We call her Betsy and it seems like she has a mind of her own. Betsy only seems to mess up when our best shows are on.

Even my seven year old grandson knows the drill. We get a real kick out of watching him trek across the living room floor to give her the good ole one two.

Seems to me like flat screen televisions are the way to go. They seem to be able to do unusual things. However, believe it or not the regular televisions sets are enjoying increased sales. I thought that was great news.

Everyone felt for sure that those fancy LCD’s and Plasma televisions were going to leave the regulars in the dust. But not so! The reason for this is probably two fold.

The fancy ones cost too much. That’s a no-brainer. I admit I have been under pressure of late to replace Betsy. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. My grandson and I don’t mind giving Betsy a whack every now and then.

Anyway, my point is this. I went shopping for a newbie. I thought that while I was there, I would ask the price of a fancy LCD/Plasma. When they told me, it only confirmed what I already knew. I was in the wrong aisle.

Secondly, the quality of the regulars has increased dramatically. So people are still buying them up. It’s amazing. The small regulars are crystal clear. You have to be careful though. They have programmed some of the regulars to do some fancy footwork. As a consequence some of the regular televisions can set you back quite a few paces.

When shopping for a television it’s important to consider the space that you have allotted for it. You would smile at the number of people who come home with a television that is obviously way too big for their living room.

Do you have a stand for it already? Or do you have a cabinet were the doors swing shut? Make sure the cabinet is deep enough for the backside of the set.

How about color schemes? They come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. While quality is important size and color are equally important. I prefer a floor model wood grained television. They’re like Cadillac’s in your living room.

My grown children like to hang things from the walls. They mount wall televisions and even their stereos and speakers. I get a bad neck holding my head up looking at their wall mount television sets.

They tell me the trick is to lie down with the remote and watch television. First of all, I’m not accustomed to lying all over anyone else’s couch. Even if it is my daughters couch.

I’ll have to replace old Betsy soon. That television set is ancient, but has served us well. On the last trip to the service department the technician told me in no uncertain terms not to bring Betsy back. He doesn’t have anymore parts to fix her. They don’t make them like Betsy anymore. My grandson and I will miss her.

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