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Start with: Flooring

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The Best for Your Kitchen Flooring

Often when building a new home or renovating an existing one, the most important concern in the house construction is the entire area flooring of the interior. And the interior home flooring set up is frequently determined a success only if you have a fabulous kitchen flooring.

Kitchen flooring is the most integral part of the abode since the kitchen is where most of the family activity takes place, more so than the family room or the porch. The kitchen is where the family wakes-up in, where the hubby and wife usually finds themselves alone, where the relatives share a recipe, where you have a good chat with your guest, where the children peep to mom asking what she’s doing while the teens ask what’s for dinner. The kitchen flooring is then subject to more wear-and-tear. Hence the active kitchen flooring must have a good start.

The best and therefore commonly used kitchen flooring are the stone, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, and concrete – all for some very good reasons. The sheets and squares and tiles in the living room, dinning, or porch may have been popular because it achieves a recognizable style in the over-all look of your home, yet the idea won’t get though if these materials were not first laid on the kitchen floor.
Vinyl is ‘resilient’ because of its ability to bounce-back into shape, also having a cushiony and warm-feel (because of the core-material or wear-layer) to an otherwise cold kitchen. Vinyl have a protective no-wax coating or a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) surface making it best for a usually stained and cleaned kitchen floor. Choosing vinyl gives you endless options for colors and patterns, no-worries about discoloring the floor due to water, no-maintenance beyond sweeping and mopping, plus it resists scratches and stains from kids and pets. Preferably laid over plywood (like vinyl), Linoleum may be just as durable as the former, it is quiet, smooth, elastic, comfortable and low-maintenance, plus unlike vinyl, it is sturdier and environment friendly being made of natural materials. Linoleum though unlike vinyl, has fewer colors and patterns than vinyl and standing water can damage it. Both ranges from $1.25-$5.50/sq. ft. yet are not totally damage and stain-resistant, dirt could accumulate underneath, and could peel as kitchen flooring.
Granite, marble, and slate stones are more tough and durable, and you can use it over a radiant heat-system. Although it is most elegantly expensive from $7-$100/sq.ft., you’ll need to apply sealants periodically to prevent stains, replace chipped stones, plus the light-colored grout in between stone tiles will show stains and dirt, and the elderly and children may be disadvantaged as it could be slippery, and it is not warm and comfortable unless you consider using mats or throw rugs. Tiles in turn are less expensive from $1-$100/sq.ft., and just as durable and suitable for radiant heat, plus it gives more sizes, patterns, and colors to choose from, and glazed tile resists staining and doesn’t require special cleaning like stones. But also like stones, tiles can crack and could be dangerous (slippery un-textured glazed tiles) and uncomfortable.
Concrete kitchen flooring is more stain-free because it doesn’t have in-between slabs requiring grout cleaning. It is the most averagely-priced about $15-$20/sq.ft.,just as durable and suitable for radiant heat, while also giving more sizes, patterns, and colors to choose from. Yet, it requires stronger under-floor support due to heaviness, still requires a sealer/glaze to prevent staining, and is not free from the danger and uncomfortable flooring problem. [next…]
Pick your choice. It is best to have the best preparation in having your kitchen flooring. Kitchen flooring should first be practical and safe, before it is attractive and charming. The best material for your kitchen flooring must then be carefully selected according to safety, durability, and cost and style as last. After all, if you have a clean and comfortable kitchen, then you also have a very charming one.

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