St. Maarten Villas

St. Maarten Villas

Summary: Hotels are falling out of touch and in its place are quaint little villas that offer much more: personalized service, solitude, good food, and a comfortable feeling of a home.

Hotels nowadays juts don’t do any justice to splendid vacations –for most part anyway. Bulk attendants, generalized services, little room for privacy besides your room, and the constant tipping here and there on some hotels, these aspects do tend to cloud anyone’s pleasant vacation.

Hotels are indeed falling out of touch. In its place are quaint villas that offer as much degree of amenities as any hotel could offer but with a bit more: personalized service, blessed solitude, good food, and a wholesome feeling of a home. No, nothing compares a little seaside villa over a posh hotel.

That’s why for your visit to St. Maarten, choose a St. Maarten villa than a luxurious hotel. Truly nothing compares. Here are some sites that offer exclusive St. Maarten Villas I can suggest.

Unusual Villas and Island Rentals
Unusual Villas and Island Rentals offer a choice of beautiful St. Maarten Villas. Costs range from $5,000 – $1,700 per week during peak season and $3,200 – $900 per week on off season. Especially luxurious villas cost around $21,000 per week on peak season.

Featured St. Maarten Villas is the Villa Marrakesh. A 4 bedroom luxury villa and a small 5th bedroom for children or one person and has a pool. This villa has a maid service. Amenities include a cable TV, DVD/VCR players plus DVD, VHS, CD and book library, CD players, and a Safe in every bedroom. Also has a Home theater system with DVD and surround sound in the living room plus a DSL computer. BBQ Grill is on the lawn and starts with a fully stocked wine refrigerator. Air-conditioning is throughout the house including living room and kitchen.

409 F North Hamilton Street, Richmond, VA 23221
Call toll free: 800-846-7280
Call: 804-288-2823 or Fax: 804-342-9016

Villas in Paradise
Villas in Paradise offers a large selection of St. Maarten Villas, whether a countryside bungalow or a chic seaside cottage or the most luxurious 9 bedroom Caribbean Villa available. All villas have 6 days per week maid service to keep the surroundings clean. Villas in Paradise also arranges car rentals and daily excursions with one of their partners.
9-2 Kingston Lane, Medway, Ma 02053
Call toll free: 866-468-4552
Call: 508-533-1388 or Fax 508-533-1565

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