South Florida Home Owner Insurance Quote

South Florida Home Owner Insurance Quote

Hurricanes in south Florida can end lives, and survivors usually find their homes severely damaged, if not destroyed. It is crucial to have home owner insurance in south Florida.

Since south Florida is such a high-risk part of the state to insure, you should take certain steps to help protect your home against hurricanes before you start shopping for your home owner insurance quote. Pay close attention to these five areas of your home.

Your Garage

According to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, 80 percent of damage done to your home by hurricanes starts with your garage. Garage doors are normally lightweight, which makes it easy for high hurricane winds to whip right through them. You can economically reinforce your garage door with steel, or opt to purchase a heavier, sturdier garage door.

Your Roof

As with garages, you can cheaply reinforce your roof my adding extra glue to the shingles – think high-quality flooring bonding agent – and you can also spend a bit more money by replacing your current roof with a newer, more wind-resistant one.

Your Windows

When it comes to your windows, you’re either going to want to replace them with windows made to withhold the beating flying debris will give them, or you may want to install a thick set of storm shutters. The latter costs less, but the path you choose should depend on how at risk your area is for hurricanes.

Your Landscape

Don’t keep trees close to your windows and doors. Uproot them and find them a new home across the yard if you have to. If you insist on leaving them be, make sure they are healthy – strong trunks and limbs – so they won’t break as easily in hurricane winds.

Your Possessions

Your outdoor possessions, that is. Patio furniture, children’s playhouses, your Saint Bernard’s gigantic food bowl – bring these things inside to prevent them from flying into your, or someone else’s, windows.

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