Sheer Drapes

For the longest time, I had to settle for using hand-me-down drapes in my home. This was something that was not a priority on my shopping list, and when it came down to it, as long as the neighbors could not see in, I was doing okay. As I got older and began to see my apartment as more of a home than a party spot, I began to care what it looked like. I bought blinds, and then I also bought sheer drapes. They added color without adding a lot to my total bill. I thought I was settling, but in a way, I was not.

I still have sheer drapes in my living room and my dining room. I have heavier and darker ones in my bedrooms and my bathroom, but there is something about sheer drapes that I love now. They do indeed give a splash of color, but they also allow a lot of the natural light to come in during the day. When you are looking in from the outside, they offer more in the way of privacy than you might think they do. I wouldn’t suggest you think they’ll shield you from eyes if you are dancing naked in your living room, but they do offer some privacy.

You probably don’t want sheer drapes for your bedroom or your bathroom. These are two places where you want to be sure you are getting all of the privacy that heavy drapes can afford you. Sheer drapes are okay during the day, but you want something solid at night and in the morning while you are dressing. If you want to have sheer drapes in your bedroom, have them behind a set of heavier ones. That way you can open the heavy drapes during the day, and the sheers will be there behind them.

For the most part, I have gotten my sheer drapes for very great prices. They are usually very inexpensive in comparison with their thicker counterparts, and can be found in almost any store that sells home interior items. You can usually find them in all types of colors, but it seems lately that the white ones are most common, though shades of green seem to pretty common as well. As a bonus, they are rather easy to clean. Each spring, I take down my white sheer drapes, soak them in bleach and water, and wash them. They come out looking like new.

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