Recipe: valentine’s day recipe

valentine’s day recipe


2 rib eye (or strip) steaks
2 baked potatoes
2 servings tossed salad
1 bottle wine
1 candle
1 rose
1 Forever Yours candy bar, sliced diagonally into 1/2-inch pieces
1 blanket
1 fire in the fireplace (optional if you don?t have one)
1 Michael Bolton CD (the one with “When A Man Loves A Women”)


If you have children, find a relative, friend, or babysitter to take them for the evening. Tell your woman to freshen up while you get ready. Bake the potatoes, broil the steaks, and toss the salad. Spread the blanket on the den floor, light the fire and the candle, pour the wine, and enjoy these things with your woman while sitting on the blanket as if at a picnic. For dessert, serve the Forever Yours (making sure she knows the name of the candy bar dessert) while telling her sweet things. Then give her the rose and ask her to stand. Ask her if she?s ready for her present. When she nods, reach back and hit the button on the CD player. (You did anticipate this and cue up “When a Man Loves a Woman”, right?) When the music starts, take her in your arms and dance with her.

Though the above is particularly effective when times are tight and you maybe can?t afford the expensive dining out, etc., it can be just as meaningful when money is not a problem. Women like the romance of such a thing. They appreciate the thoughtfulness of you going out of the way to create a magic moment for them. They will tell their friends what a wonderful sweetie you are. And you know what? The best part is that you?ll enjoy making her happy. Feel free to vary the ingredients and/or adapt the directions.

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