Real World Mlm Marketing Tips….Visibility Through Local Events

Here’s a real world example of how some folks market their MLM business AND products/services:

Our area has an event called a “Homearama” annually every fall. For this event select builders in the area construct a number of houses at a pre-determined site (usually a new or nearly new development) for the purpose of “showing” new construction methods, designs, landscaping, interior decorating, trends, floor plans, gadgets, etc. They also showcase the homes for sale and also the area the homes are built in. There are about 5 cities which alternate hosting this event.

The Homearama is a huge event that all the surrounding communities look forward to every year…..and draws 1,000’s of visitors daily over about a 2 week time period. This is a great opportunity to “reach” the public with a targeted campaign if you plan well. Just imagine the networking possibilities.

For example I’ve seen the following:

1. The entrance to the area where the home tours start goes through a long series of “tents” lined with booths populated by various companies and products. You HAVE to walk through this area to get to the homes….and again when you leave. Can you say captive audience?

I’ve seen a couple groups set up booths in this area offering their products or services (signs, banners, brochures, business cards, videos, etc.). Gifties visitors can take with them go over well (product samples, magnetic stickers for your refrigerator, visors, cups, tote bags, phone pads, pens, etc.). They also have a raffle or contest where some lucky visitor can win free products or services. The typical fill out an entry form with contact info & drop it in a box….with the drawing held the last day (not required to be present).

What’s this do?

First it gains visibility…. munity branding. A few sales directly and lots of interested folks picking up “information” and/or samples. And of course lots of conversations to follow-up on.

Second, the contest/raffle creates a list of potential contacts for follow-up via the entry forms (name, address, phone number, email).

Note: for this to be successful you’d need to have a dedicated team of local distributors willing to man the booth and talk with folks during the events open hours. Also they should have a clear plan for following up with any contacts made.

2. Some folks have even been able to have their products displayed in the homes themselves through relationships or negotiated agreements with the builders, decorators, or event planners. For example how about Mia Bella candles attractively shown in the Master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or formal dining room? How about Noni on the kitchen counter…. or Melalueca on the bathroom vanity….or Earthlink on the computer screen….or Packet8 by the phone, or….well you get the idea.

Also, not just the products/services are shown. You also display a business card rack so interested visitors can “find out more”.

3. Here’s one that’s not so obvious….relationships with other vendors, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, concessionaires, and builders who participate in the event. Your potential contacts aren’t limited just to the “visiting” public. Network with the event organizers & participants too.

There’s a lot of possibilities with an event like this. In my area it’s called Homearama. In other areas it’s Showcase of Homes or something similar.

I suggest you look into it and see if you can take advantage of the possibilities yourself.

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