Putting a television in bedrooms yield negative effects

Putting a television in bedrooms yield negative effects

Hectic schedules, fast-paced lifestyles, hundreds of TV shows, all contributing to putting a television in bedrooms of most homes today. There are several reasons why families opt to have their TVs installed in their bedrooms. It’s a case to case basis; causes of such decision vary depending on the household structure.

There are homes that have TVs placed in their living room, dining room, kitchen, entertainment room, bedrooms, etc., because some families prefer to watch the shows together, some want to let their houseguests be entertained, some prefer to watch TV while eating, some want to watch TV alone, some want to watch it before going to bed, etc. Parents decide to put a TV in the kids’ room to keep them away from trouble or mess in the other parts of the house. Teens have their own TVs in their rooms too because they want to watch it with their friends exclusively. Parents have their own as well, because they like to relax after a day’s work in the comfort of their bed. Each of this TV’s location has its pros and cons, people may think that situating a TV somewhere in the house wouldn’t really have any impact, but they thought wrong.

Take for example putting a television in bedrooms, consciously no one would notice how it affects the person living in that bedroom, but subconsciously, with more studies being conducted, it shows that having a television in bedrooms have a negative impact on those bedroom owners. There are surveys made to compare the children’s school performance and achievement, there are researches done to see the sexual effects on couples, and more and more studies are being made to help understand the way these bedroom TVs affect people. It doesn’t suggest that installing a television in bedrooms have a direct impact on those viewers, it only suggests that it contributes to the underlying problems. It is suggested that instead of having a television in bedrooms, try putting a computer or small bookshelves, this way, it enhances the person’s brain, rather than making it idle by absorbing so much TV.

Results show that students who have TV sets in their own rooms have lower achievement test scores than those who have no TVs or those who have computers instead of TVs. Also, an Italian researcher shows that having a television in bedrooms of couples decreases the couples’ sexual appetites, thus making bedroom TV a “passion-killer”.

Each person has his individual reasons on why they have TVs in their bedrooms, but they must also be aware that there are negative effects that in the long run may be harmful to a person’s intellectual and social skills.

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