Painting Kitchen Cabinets: The Cheaper Alternative

With all the activities done inside the kitchen, your kitchen cabinets can easily get smeared with oil, ketchup, sauces and all other elements which can ruin its looks. Because kitchen cabinets dominate a large area in the kitchen, having them dirty can really take a toll on your kitchen’s aesthetics. Sure you can clean them up, but eventually, they will look worn, faded and beaten up.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets may do the trick, but they can be very costly and not all people have the finances for this project. If you’re sick and tired of your grungy looking kitchen cabinets and you want to save money then you may consider painting them instead of replacing them. Not only will this decision save you money, but it will also be a faster alternative as well.

Here are a couple of tips that can help you get started on your project and to make sure that your cabinets will be looking great for a long time.

First off, decide whether you can do the paint job yourself or do you need someone to help you. Painting kitchen cabinets can be a family job that you and your family can enjoy doing together.

Make sure that the cabinets are fully sanded and cleaned before you apply the paint. Any foreign elements like old paint or dust left can cause the paint to flake off later on.

Choose your color carefully. You must be able to coordinate the color of your kitchen cabinet to the color of the walls of your kitchen. They don’t need to be the same color, but they need to coordinate with each other.

Also, some types of wood are not applicable to be painted with certain colors. Remember this rule, Dark colored wood cabinets are better off being painted with dark colored paint. Light colored wood can be painted with most anything. Light colored paint will appear darker and gloomier when painted over dark wood.

Another tip when deciding the shade of color you want in your kitchen cabinets is considering the size of your kitchen. With lighter shades of color, it can give your kitchen a bigger atmosphere. Darker shades can make the room look smaller so if you have a small kitchen use lighter shades.

Avoid buying cheap paints. Doing so will not save you money as you will tend to apply a couple of coats before you can get the high quality look. Also, cheap paint doesn’t last long and you may find yourself needing to do the job again. This doesn’t only would require you to do the job several times but it will also be time consuming and annoying. Always use high quality paint and save yourself the trouble.

Try to follow these tips and you will find that making your kitchen look good doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Remember though, your kitchen cabinets are just another part of your kitchen, don’t expect any miracles, if the other parts of your kitchen are looking grungy as well, you may need to consider giving them a fixer-upper as well. Also, painting your cabinets will only make them look clean, if there are damages, you should consider fixing them first. Accents like kitchen door knobs can also be fast and affordable additions for better looking kitchen cabinets.

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