New Appliances Make Laundry Day Easier

Traditionally, the washer and dryer have been necessary annoyances in the home. They’re loud, inefficient and hard on clothes, but they’re the only way to tackle the ever-growing mountains of laundry that families produce week after week.

Now, some innovations in laundry are changing the way people look at these appliances. New lines of front-loading washers and dryers save time, save wear and tear on clothes, and help save the environment.

According to Best Buy, over the past year, sales of front-loading washers and dryers have surged to make up 15 percent of all laundry sales. That makes front-loading washers and dryers the fastest growing category of appliances in the country.

“People don’t often think about getting a new washer or dryer until their old one breaks, but when our customers learn about all the benefits of these new units, many of them are choosing to make an immediate change,” said Lisa Smith, business general manager of appliances for Best Buy.

One key difference between front-loading washers and top-loading washers is the amount of water they use. The newer front-loaders automatically adjust the water level to the size of the load, consuming 35 percent to 50

percent less water and using half as much energy per load.

Another key benefit of front-loading washers is that they are easier on clothes. Top-loading washers rely on the center agitator inside the tub to move the clothes around. These agitators can stretch and tangle clothes and contribute significantly to wear and tear. Front-loading washers don’t use agitators. Instead, they gently cycle the clothes through the water. Even delicate clothes can be washed in front-loading washers, meaning fewer trips to dry cleaners.

Like the washers, front-loading dryers also offer substantial benefits. They have multiple settings to conform to specific drying needs and help prevent overheating. The newer dryers also spin faster, reducing the time it takes to dry the clothes. The reduced drying time can save as much as 30 percent on the energy bill from the dryer.

The benefits and style of these new washers and dryers still may not make doing laundry fun, but they can make the chore easier. These new appliances have vastly increased capacities, with some holding up to 22 bath towels at one time.

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