My husband and I decided to remodel our home

My husband and I decided to remodel our home

After my family left we were talking about how well the day had gone. We had decided that we were not going to exchange gifts because of the amount of money we had put into the house. When we sat down to watch television my husband mentioned that the only thing left to make the room perfect was a home theater system. I knew where this conversation was going. He had wanted a home theater system since he saw the one that his brother installed. His brother put in a screen, theater seating and mega speakers, but this was in a room designed as a home theater, not a living room. When I mentioned this he quickly clarified that he was talking about the speaker system only, not the seating and the large screen. He went on to suggest that this would be a perfect gift for the house and us to complete the work we had done.

I do not watch a great deal of television, but I knew he really wanted this and he had given up a great deal of golf and fishing over the summer and fall to work on the house. I thought the home theater system would be nice for him to have for the winter. We went out the next day and looked at the home theater systems. They were running great holiday sales so we got one for a great price. I have to admit it is much more enjoyable watching television and movies with this new system. It does add a finishing touch to our new room.

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