Mountain Laurel Inn

Hidden high in the mountain near Mentone, Alabama is Mountain Laurel Inn. By using the rustic look, Mountain Laurel Inn blends in with the surroundings on Lookout Mountain. This is a hikers dream. Full sized windows put forward breathtaking views of the surrounding woods, or just relax in one of the rocking chairs on the porch. There is even a separate guesthouse with a number of rooms, every one with its own separate entrance.

One of the more exclusive features of Mountain Laurel is the coffee placed outside each guest’s door. After the morning eye opener, step into the dining room for a full sized breakfast that starts with a variety of breads and continues with everything from breakfast pizza to decadent French toast.

The wildflower room celebrates the well-known wildflowers of the region. Spring is brought out by the large quantity of Mountain Laurel and Lady Slippers. Alabama has only one ski slope and it is shown in the motif of the ski room. The wildlife neighbors are well represented in the deer room, including Canadian Geese and wild turkeys. Come to the bridal room for your first or fiftieth honeymoon. This room is next door to the Mentone Wedding chapel. For parties of three there is the apartment room upstairs. This is the only two room groupings on hand. In the primary room is a queen-sized bed but a trundle bed and kitchenette is in the other room.

Full enjoyment of the area is complete with hiking and biking. For the more adventurous, take hold of a pair of the bikes that are on hand or go by horseback to do some sightseeing. Check out the loads of antique stores and take home gifts for all or just a few keepsakes as a reminder of a wonderful vacation.

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