Modern Coffee Tables

Modern Coffee Tables

Coffee table, first of its kind emerged in post WWI. Back then, the modern coffee table was often a part of, but never starring in, a housewife’s dream package. It formed a significant part of the suite of furniture sold at Sears or Eaton, yet conveniently forgotten, mainly because the larger personalities of sofas and chairs, as well as their attendant pillows and throws, have forced the modern coffee table to live in submission.

But not any longer.

The modern coffee table is back with a vengeance. And this time, its style potential has made it a star in its own right. What living room would be complete without the right complement of a modern coffee table? However, there are a few considerations involved when it comes to choosing the right modern coffee table, including style, scale, shape, and functionality.

The Rules

When choosing modern coffee tables, you consider not only the style of the table itself but the style of a lot of its adjacent furnishings. It must be remembered that the modern coffee table is not meant to stand out but to blend in with the rest of the furnishings to create a harmonious living space in your house.

Thus, if the room is designed in the traditional way with a traditional sofa, then a modern coffee table with a traditional design of oval or rectangular shape is well-suited. You may choose one that is made of wood but be sure to coordinate this with the other wood furnishings in the room. Alternatively, you may also feature a glass table top surrounded by brass, bronze or a gilded frame.

You may want to consider an upholstered ottoman with tufts as this serves two functions: actins as a seating as well as a table top. If you like antique stuff, there aren’t any antique coffee tables around, but you may fashion one from antique elements, like a wrought iron gate, carved front door, or old wood boards.

For that modern feel that only an authentic modern coffee table can give, you have many options: cubes or cylinders made of wood, leather, Plexiglass, or metal; stone, ceramics, woven raffia, shagreen, or nylon. You may also consider eclectic shapes like an amoeba-shaped table reminiscent of the 1949 Noguchi classic. A rolling coffee table may also be a good choice, doubling up as an end table or a bar cart.

Interior Design

You have to main concerns when it comes to interior designing a modern coffee table with the rest of the room: Do you let the modern coffee table stand on its own? Or do you use it as a surface area on which you can display interesting vignettes? Either way, the choice is entirely yours.

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