Medical Office Billing

Medical Office Billing

The business world of the 21st century is fast-paced. Even in the medical practice, speed is of the essence because it equals the ability to compete and come out at the better end of the deal. Speed is especially important when it comes to management information. That is why medical office billing specialists who are experts in electronic medical record systems, or EMR, are in high demand.

The liability costs per year of small practices are roughly around $150,000. That includes insurance or even law suits. By hiring a medical office billing specialist and getting a good EMR, you can actually save yourself, your practice, and your patient from adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to your balance sheets each year. Of course, your medical office billing specialist must be an expert in practice management, otherwise, that would defeat the whole purpose of hiring one. Also, your EMR system must have all the capabilities required to keep up with the medical billing needs of the day – that is, your system must be able to transcribe, edit, and store, as well as batch, secure, and organize medical records, diagnosis, treatment, procedure, and codes.

What the Medical Office Billing Specialist does

Medical office billing specialists provide support for physicians, clinics, hospitals, and patients. With the creation of Home Management Organizations (HMOs), PPOs, and insurance policies, managing a medical office is becoming even more complex and the only way for doctors to get paid for their services rendered is through medical office billing. For this reason, medical office billing professionals are sought by many medical practices, clinics, hospitals, and even health insurance companies.


Medical office billing specialists are compensated according to their qualifications, namely, level of training, experience, skills, and how effectively these skills are used. To succeed therefore in medical office billing, you need to have proper training and high level of skills so you can face the challenges posed by your profession. If you have all these, then you could be looking at a whopping $33,370 to $415,000 salary per annum!

Advancement Opportunities

The demand for medical office billing professionals is on an all-time high. In fact, the US Labor Statistics shows that it is one of the twenty fastest growing healthcare professions in the country. So advancement opportunities for properly trained individuals are virtually unlimited. So although medical billing and coding can be a challenging career to get into, it usually turns out to be a very rewarding one for those who made it.

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