Manor Care

Manor care is very similar to nursing home care. Yet the residents are able to care more for themselves. They often don’t need the same level of ongoing medical care as nursing home residents. They are able to be semi independent and that is very important to many people. Manor care may be a short term need to recover from an illness or even surgery. It can also be a long term care facility as long as the person isn’t in need of a higher level of care.

Most residents of a manor type of care have more privacy which they value. It can still feel like they have their own place to live. Yet they will have the support of medical professionals that come to them. Many even have dining halls so that they residents don’t have to shop or cook for themselves. Since many older people don’t eat like they should this can really help them to stay as healthy as possible.

The level of care that is offered at a manor will vary too by location. For example some feature a laundry service and even light maid service. These features all help to ensure the needs of everyone are taken care of. It also makes the burden of self care lighter for people who aren’t a spring chicken any more.

Fun activities are important for the elderly to take part in as well. It means they can interact with others and keep their skills sharp. Most manor care facilities have different types of activities each day. The residents get to choose what they would like to participate in. Exercise activities are offered daily to help the elderly stay in shape as well.

Manor care isn’t right for everyone but it may be an option to look into for your own care or a family member. Contact those in your area and see what the criteria may be. Be prepared though as many sites for manor care have a long waiting list. They have such a good reputation that plenty of people want to get in there. Many of them don’t accept forms of insurance though and require self pay only.

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