Make A Platform Bed – More Space In Your Bedroom.

Bedrooms form the core of the house. Everyone wants to decorate the bedroom very elegantly and nicely so that it looks beautiful and cool. The bed is the center of attraction, but sometimes the small size and lack of space of a bedroom makes it look cluttered and untidy. In this situation platform beds are the best option one can go for.

A platform bed is a bed which consists of a mattress placed on a solid platform raised off the floor by legs or framing. The space below the platform bed can be utilized for storage purposes. Platform beds do not have springs.

Types of platform bed:

One can select a platform bed from the two varieties available.

* The wooden platform bed – Wooden platform beds are usually made from oak wood or maple wood. They offer warmth as well as beauty to any type of bedroom decor. They are available in many different sizes like full size, king or queen size, and twin size. Though they are usually designed to support a mattress, they can be changed and customized for use with box springs. Altering the height of the headboard and lowering the size of the slate board allows for this. The wooden platform bed is generally given a Danish oil finish.

* The metal platform bed – Metal platform beds come in many varieties from the contemporary metal platform bed to the traditional ones and they are all available in a variety of colors. The beds have predrilled holes to allow for the adjustment to the height of the bed.

* Special quality steel is used for more strength and durability of the bed. To avoid stripping and over tightening of the bolts a special Allen key is used. Steel cross bars sheets of Masonite are used for support at the side railing.

* DIY beds, from plans and instructions available on the internet

Advantages of platform beds:

1. You can make a platform bed yourself from readily available plans found on the internet

2. They provide a better mattress support area since it does not have a box spring underneath.

3. It increases the storage space and makes the room looks clean and tidy.

4. These beds are very affordable.

5. Allergies to dust can be avoided, as dust does not get collected under the bed.

6. They are portable and comfortable.

To buy a platform bed:

There are many web sites and on line merchants from where you can buy a platform bed. These web sites offer the latest designs for platform beds at very reasonable prices.

They are available in a wide range of prices so its very easy to choose a bed that suits our budget. Alternatively you could make a platform bed, the plans are readily available on the internet

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