Let’s get serious with the snoring solution

Let’s get serious with the snoring solution

You are not alone. Snoring is a global problem. It affects 45 percent of the people in countries around the world majority of whom are men. Women and little children also snore. While many tend to neglect this condition and see it as a mere nuisance, snoring with or without sleep apnea presents a life-threatening risk. Essentially, snoring is attributed to cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and hypertension. For pregnant women, it can cause retardation in the growth of the unborn child as well as in little children.

Snoring is primarily a result of an obstruction in the air passage

Snoring can be classified as mild and excessive. In mild cases of snoring, this snoring solution may be able to help. If you snore while lying on your back then practice sleeping on your side. This would help you breath better.

Substances known to hold off mucus (that triggers snoring) from draining are fatty dairy products while sleeping pills and other sedatives have components that relax the muscle tone in the neck that results to flabby and collapsing soft tissues (these triggers vibrations as well). Aside from the physical and cardiovascular benefits of having a regular exercise, it can also be a snoring solution.

Finding a snoring solution depends on the actual cause of your snoring. Most orthodontists who are capable of “curing” snoring may advice the use of orthodontic appliances. The purpose of most of these oral appliances is to create a wider opening in the throat by gently pushing the tongue or the lower jaw forward. It might seem bulky but orthodontic appliances do work in some cases.

Continued positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the most popular medical snoring solution. This device uses a head mask worn against a patient’s nose and a tube leading to the mask is connected to a mechanism. This mechanism blows air directly into the patient’s throat to ward off any obstruction. So far, this is the most successful snoring solution used by doctors.

Surgery is probably the last snoring solution you might want to engage in because it is expensive, risky, and has lifetime side effects. It involves correcting any obstruction by removing some parts in soft palate, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, and the uvula (the soft tissue hanging at the back of the mouth).

A snoring solution should begin at home where it is inexpensive and safe. However, we know how serious a thing snoring is. It’s best to find a snoring solution before your snoring complicates to anything worse.

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