LCD Lift Furniture

A television lift cabinet is a Designer’s dream! It allows him/her to take a room to the next level of design and let me tell you why. If purchased from a quality company, LCD lift furniture with its sleek design and luxurious finish can become a focal point for the room or it can quietly blend in with your motif, but still lend visual distinction with its superb craftsmanship and simple stylish lines.

A motorized TV lift allows the designer versatility in creating every room’s decor.

When plasma lifts were first introduced it was only for the very wealthy. Designers used this furniture in million dollar homes and only the very exclusive hotels could afford them. Trace McCullough, a true visionary, realized that pop up furniture would be the wave of the future for upper middle class America and created a company to design, produce and manufacture this product in a more cost effective manner while maintaining the standards of Old World Craftsmanship and design.

Today there is a lift plasma available for any room you would like to have a TV. The bedroom at the foot of the bed, the living room, even the dining room-your TV hidden inside an exquisitely crafted dining buffet, a hand-crafted masterpiece that will marvel the senses of even the most hard to please decorator and/or client.

Everyone enjoys the use of a TV and the decorator is left with the dilemma of what to do with it in his design. Putting it on the wall is really not an option in a high-end design. Walls are for your exclusive paintings that bring your room together. Even the most elegant plasma TV will not hold its own next to a Rembrandt! The TV needs to have a place where it can be stored and protected until you are ready to watch it. Why not turn your storage unit into furniture possessing individuality and unsurpassed beauty for your elegant entertainment design with a motorized TV lift. Why have a cumbersome entertainment center that takes up an entire wall that you can’t move an inch if you need to get behind it. Why not have something small and sleek while functional, hiding all of your components. Have you ever tried to add a Monet above or around your huge entertainment center or on an adjacent wall next to your TV and have it look appropriate?

These are the problems a decorator and homeowner have to deal with and now these problems are easily solved with a television lift cabinet. Designers for exclusive hotels have been taking advantage of this for some time now. They saw how magnificent a room would look with a piece made of the finest materials at the foot of the bed, yet functional at the end of the day when their guest was tucked in bed and with a push of a button could raise the TV for viewing before going to sleep.

Designers also see a motorized TV lift as cost effective as you can swivel your TV 360 degrees for viewing from all angles. This allows you to have one TV serving several areas.

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