Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

You may be taken aback when you hear that there is more to the scullery than the mundane activities of cooking and eating. At these contemporary times, the place has turned out to be a venue where guests are received, homework being accomplished, programs are viewed and a whole lot more. Just enumerating those things is more than enough reason to give priority to kitchen lighting fixtures.

Kitchen lighting fixtures are normally composed of three layers such as accent illumination, general illumination and task illumination. Accent illumination stimulates visual interest as it already serves as embellishment. General illumination assists in performing specific tasks such as household chores. Task illumination covers the entirety, be it for decoration or practicality.

The space will matter and will depend a lot on the requirements for kitchen lighting fixtures. For example, a small scullery might just need a 2×4 fluorescent light to be placed on the middle portion of the ceiling. Also, it might also entail radiance under the cabinet areas that can really be dim. As for a big scullery, it may call for recessed types such as beams over the sink, table and pantry. For those that have tall top limits, the brighter ones are more advisable.

If the scullery is connected to the den for dining, the kitchen lighting fixtures should be enhanced incorporating adjacent areas. The function of controls and dimmers permit a suave change in lighting between the rooms that are close to each other such as the scullery and den. Of course, the color of the counter tops should never be missed out. Taking that the color of the wall is already dark, more luminous light would be appropriate.

General illumination is more of an advantage to be situated in cabinets and drawers as well as in the corners for cleaning up. The illumination power should be about 20 to 35 footcandles. This is because more errands are executed in those spots and not only that, it is also where food is stored. It would be best that safety and security are the foremost things considered.

If you are looking for something cheaper, try mounting a fluorescent light, which can be bought at a lower price; it also has the lowest heat output. Check on manufacturers such as Halo, Lightolier and House of Troy who are known to sell a lot of this kind. Also, log on to for more information.

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