I am sick to death of landscape painters who think of themselves as artists

I am sick to death of landscape painters who think of themselves as artists

Of course, I do not want to seem like a snob here, but let’s face the facts. There is so much boring and bland art out there, posted on practically every wall of every building, and on every channel of every TV set, but there is just simply no room for any more. Landscape painting is never necessary, even if it is in a waiting room such as the dentist office. There is always room for something that makes you think! We are bombarded with images that make us stupider everyday. Who needs to be stupider still? I sure don’t, and that is a fact!

Before you buy a landscape painting, or any other painting for that matter, you should really ask yourself some serious questions about it. It is not enough just to think that it will go with the decoration in your living room, or will look good over your bed. That landscape painting better bring you to somewhere that you could not get without it. Never mind cheering you up – you can be cheered up by going out for a cup of coffee with a friend. If that landscape paintings not taking to, for example, a forgotten place in your childhood, then you should seriously question if it is worth it. If you are going to be seeing the same image, studying the same image, day after day, it better be something worth seeing and studying. There are very few landscape paintings that warrant such attention. It is a rare landscape painting indeed that should be seen every day.

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