How to Meet New People After Retiring

How to Meet New People After Retiring

Are you getting ready to retire? If you are, you are not alone. In fact, there is a good chance that many of your friends are reaching the age of retirement as well. Unfortunately, you may find some of these friendships coming to an end or you may at least see a reduction in frequency. Why? Because many retirees are now choosing to relocate, often to their dream vacation destination.

If you find yourself retired and without many friends, you will want to take action. Retirement is a time in life when you should be enjoying yourself. This includes making and developing new friendships. For tips on how you can do so, please continue reading on.

Your county’s senior center is a great place to start. Most areas in the United States have senior centers for their local seniors. These centers are typically run on a countywide basis, meaning that you may have to travel to the next town over. The good news is the reward that you will receive. At one point, many senior centers were only used to provide health and retirement advice to senior citizens, but now they are also being used for entertainment. Some counties have days filled with onsite activities, that may include cooking classes, group counseling sessions, arts and crafts, and well as bingo games.

In addition to events that are hosted by your local county’s senior citizen program, there should also be other public and privately sponsered events in your area. Attending these events, namely those that are designed for seniors, is a great way to get out and meet new people. Look in your local newspaper or on community message boards for informational seminars for senior citizens, exercise classes, recreational card games, and cooking classes.

Volunteering is another great way to meet other seniors and retirees your age. As an added bonus, you can feel good about yourself in knowing that you are doing a good deed by volunteering. For the largest selection of other men and women your age, you are encouraged to examine hospitals and nursing homes that need volunteers. Other volunteer opportunities may include the library, pet shelters, and local schools.

If you are at the point where the lack of social interaction you are getting or expect to receive is having a negative impact on your health and wellbeing, consider relocating to a retirement home or community. Regardless of where you live now or where you want to live, you should have multiple living options. Retirement communities and homes are a great place to meet other retirees and senior citizens, as everyone is about the same age. Just be sure to greet those that you meet in the hall.

Speaking of retirement communities and homes, make use of all onsite services and activities. Most retirement communities and homes are designed to provide residents with convenience. For example, your facility may have weekly exercise classes, card games, or bingo games. If so, attend these events to meet new people. Also, frequenting high traffic areas, like the mailroom and laundry room, can also give you an opening to meet new people.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can meet new people and develop new friendships once you enter into retirement. As an important safety note, avoid using the internet to develop new friendships, as doing so can be dangerous.

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