Home Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters have, in the past, been considered a product that only luxury homes are found with, however, the installation of dumbwaiters have been significantly beneficial to a wide variety of homes, luxury or not. A dumbwaiter is a small elevator that is installed in the home to make it easier to transport materials from one floor to another. Things such as groceries, firewood, laundry, and many other items can be moved from the ground floor to a second story, and back again with ease. This makes it much simpler for those with handicaps to go about their normal daily lives, without the help of others.

Dumbwaiters for the home are very beneficial in helping to move firewood from the basement to the living room, food from the kitchen to rooms on upper stories, which comes in very handy if there is someone who is ill or bedridden, as food and dishes can be transported to and from the kitchen, without the caretaker worrying about carrying items up and down the stairs. Dumbwaiters are also an excellent device for moving laundry from upper levels in the home to the laundry room or garage, which may be located on a lower level. Many use dumbwaiters in split-level homes to transport their groceries from the driveway to the kitchen, which may be located at the top of the stairs.

When choosing to have a dumbwaiter installed, things you should consider are price and functionality. You should determine how much weight you will need the dumbwaiter to support. Most can support up to 500 pounds or more with each lift load. Many people have sought to install dumbwaiter elevators for transporting wheelchair bound family members to upper stories, as well as those with arthritis, or other ailments that make mobility and the travel up and down stairs difficult or impossible. You also need to determine where to have your dumbwaiter installed to give you the optimal benefit. For instance, if you are planning to use it for laundry transportation, then it would make more sense to have it end in your laundry room, or if you plan to carry food on it, then having it come out in the kitchen would be your best option.

Wherever you have it installed, a dumbwaiter in your home can help to alleviate a lot of leg work that may be involved in carrying items up and down stairs to help those who cannot help themselves. Or, if you need a dumbwaiter for yourself, then you can do the things around your home that you would normally need outside help to do, such as transporting laundry and carrying dishes. Dumbwaiters for homes have taken a lot of stress off those who are caring for disabled family members, as well as those who are disabled themselves. By having a dumbwaiter installed, people with limited mobility or disabilities can begin to gain back some of their independence by not needing to rely on outside help or other family members to aid them with their day to day living needs.

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