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GE Monogram appliances are the not the latest top of the line endeavor from the electronics company, but in the past few years they have upped the ante on this line. The appliances have taken an ultra modern twist and now feature wrapped stainless steel and out of this world technology where each new model out does itself.

If you are lucky enough to commission your new home to be built by a reputable builder, chances are you will have the option to include GE Monogram appliances. With the prices of GE Monogram appliances starting in the thousands of dollars each having them built into the price of your new home is a great way to go if you want a world class kitchen, but can’t pay up front for a complete kitchen remodel of your existing home.

Even if you are considering having your builder put the GE Monogram appliances in your new home, it is still strongly recommended to have a professional expert designer help with the layout. The designer will meet with you and with your building contractor to devise a smart and effective plan for the appliances to be placed.

Your designer will also help with such features as helping to select the best range hood to complement your stove and if a garbage compactor is something which will benefit the home. These are just some of the GE Monogram appliances available to be purchased. Countertop selection and other kitchen features such as lighting are all projects your designer will help with.

If you can’t hire your own personal designer or if you would like to have a more hands on approach to picking your appliances you can easily find a retailer near you from the company’s website. It is recommended to go to the store to see, feel and touch the appliances in person, as this will give you a better idea of how exactly they will fit into your home.

Since the GE Monogram appliances are not available at the average home improvement store, you will have to go to a small high end retailer, usually a customer kitchens and bath store. These stores are great though because they will have an on staff designer available to help you with all your questions and needs.

Oftentimes, if you are purchasing GE Monogram appliances from these retailers the design costs will be complimentary. The con to this is that you won’t have as much one on one attention as a personal designer, and may not have the luxury of the in-store designer visiting your home.

If a customer wants to see the latest available GE Monogram appliances they just need to go to the General Electric Monogram online showroom. For those with some time and a more disposable income they can go to the physical 10,000 square foot showroom in Louisville Kentucky. The General Electric Monogram showroom is itself a work of art. Local architects designed the building with features from the appliances, such as the roof resembling a range hood.

There are many ways to incorporate GE Monogram appliances into your home. With a little help and creativity you can have a top of the line professional kitchen in no time!

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