Garage spring cleanup

Imagine a beautiful spring day. You want to go biking, go
fishing or even enjoy a picnic with your family. When you
enter your garage to gather your gear and head to having
fun you have a tremendous surprise: your stuff is all over
the place, on the floor, messed up in corners, misplaced in
various drawers. Organizing your garage is as easy as
figuring out where to start. The first thing is to purchase some
cabinets, some shelves and hammer a series of nails into
the walls.

The storing and sorting goes as follows. Categorize each
object and place it in a place specially designed for it. For
example sporting gear should be placed in a cabinet or on
some shelves, tools should be placed in drawers or hung on
to some peg boards. Be ruthless about throwing away and
don’t think twice before you throw away anything
that you haven’t used recently or anything that’s broken.
If you haven’t repaired it yet, chances are you won’t repair it.
Seasonal gear should also be sorted, boots and out-of-
season coats should be organized in small closets.

After you finish organizing, sorting and throwing away
unwanted items you will be surprised to see your garage
floor and corners again. Maybe your car will fit in the
garage again.

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