Famous Bed And Breakfast Places In Amsterdam

Amsterdam has found a place amongst the most wonderful cities in the world, due to its 17th century architectural styles, its popular waterways, exciting nightlife and innumerable options for fabulous bed and breakfast. Despite it being a small city, it can boast of offering a lot to visitors.

Bed and breakfast travelers to Amsterdam should never miss the world famous attractions of this city, like, the 250-room Rijksmuseum,the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, the Royal Palace,the Artis Zoo, the well known Dam Square plus many more.

The other must-experience are a visit to the local theater, exquisite dining and amazing shopping experience at the Jordan neighborhood. But when its bed time, the bed and breakfast comfort greets you warmly.

The places mentioned below can give you a memorable stay in Amsterdam. All these bed and breakfast places are ideal for vacation tourists.

Amsterdam Central Bed & Breakfast

Located within 5 minute walking distance from the Amsterdam Central Station, it provides excellent bed and breakfast rooms with options for guest apartments. You an get, if you so desire, guest kitchen with self service and there are varieties of food items available for dining.

Amsterdam Eelhouse

This is a wonderful 4-star bed and breakfast situated in the middle of the city, with close proximity to Anne Frank House,the Jordaan, Central Station plus all the nightlife. Amsterdam Eelhouse rooms offer queen-sized bed, with a built-in wardrobe lazy chair and ottoman, radio, CD player, and television. Every room has a wetbar and small sink, a coffee maker and an exclusive bathroom.

Ruben’s Bed and Breakfast

Ruben’s B & B is very conveniently situated in the museum areadistrict of this immaculately planned city. It is within walking distance of or a couple tram stops away from all major museums and the important tourist attractions. It is also close to the main shopping district on Beethovenstraat with the famous night life not so far away.

Collector Bed and Breakfast

Located in a cultural heart of Amsterdam, Collector B & B is also a popular tourist spot. Close to Vondelpark and night life, and the museum area is not too far away. Inspired by Art Deco, each room is well equipped and has a character of its own. Each room is adorned with varied collections, including the guest room. Needless to mention, all rooms have the basic amenities like bathrooms, TV, internet access, etc, with an attached balcony for smokers to have a puff.

Palace B&B Amsterdam

Palace B & B is located right in the heart of the town in the palace area, the Dam Square. Rooms are large and luxurious. Amenities include tea and coffee facilities, private bathrooms, microwave and refrigerator, etc.

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