Experimenting in the Bedroom: The Dangers of Going Too Far

If you are looking to improve your sex life, chances are you may be up for a little bit of experimenting. Experimenting in the bedroom is how many couples improve their relationships and not only in the bedroom. The only problem is that some individuals do not know that there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Before you suggest experimenting in the bedroom to your partner or before you start doing, it is important to know that there are consequences for going too far. Before closely examining those consequences, it is important to determine what too far actually means. Here is the problem, many individuals are unsure. You know your partner through. Will he or she be turned on with the addition of a new sex partner or sex toys or will he or she be turned off? You should know before you proceed.

As for what the consequences are to taking experimenting in the bedroom too far, your partner’s feelings may be hurt. Unfortunately, many spouses and significant others believe that experimentation is needed in the bedroom because they aren’t able to fulfill your desires enough on their own. If this wasn’t bad enough, their mind may start to wander. Do you really want to be with them any more? Are you cheating? Will you start cheating soon?

Another consequence to taking experimentation in the bedroom too far is the view that your partner may develop about you. Do you want to add another sex partner into the mix? If you do, your significant other may start to think very poorly of you. She may think that you are sick or sex crazed. If your main goal is to improve your overall relationship, not just the intimacy in the bedroom, this is an important factor that you will want to take into consideration before suggestion something extreme.

If you take experimenting in the bedroom too far, your partner may no longer wish to have sex with you. In fact, he or she may start to avoid having any form of intimacy with you. This occurs for a number of different reasons. Typically, if your partner is turned off by what you are suggesting, they are likely to put off having sex with you, even just for a short period of time.

If avoiding sex wasn’t enough, you may find your relationship coming to an end. Unfortunately, many individuals, possibly just like you, do know how big of a deal experimentation in the bedroom can be. Remember that there is a difference between trying a new sex position and having your spouse pretend to be an old girlfriend of yours or even bringing an old girlfriend into the bedroom. If you are not careful with how you proceed, spicing up your intimacy may be the least of your problems. You may find yourself alone and in an empty bed, having to start the whole process over again.

As you can see, there are a number of consequences to expecting too much of your partner in the bedroom. Experimenting in the bedroom can help to spice up your sex life, but just be sure to use your best judgment. Do not offer up suggestions that you already know your partner will refuse, as there may be serious consequences for doing so.


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