Expensive House

Everyone has a fantasy about their dream house, the perfect house they would have if they won the lottery. If I won the jackpot, I would buy a plot of land and build an expensive house to go on it. I would hire an architect and pay him to put my fantasy into bricks and mortar.

When you have your own house built, as long as it complies with building regulations, you can have whatever you want. There are no restrictions. You can use the land exactly how you want to as well. I’d like to have a good few acres to indulge my whims. A walled garden would be nice, with a vegetable and herb patch. I’d have some fruit trees too and a greenhouse for growing tomatoes and cucumber. I’d want all the trappings that go with an expensive house, such as a lawn tennis court, a sauna room and a Jacuzzi.

I’m not sure how many rooms I’d want to have, but there would be a few bedrooms with en suite facilities. I’d want a big modern kitchen, a couple of living rooms and a dining room. Everything would be decorated in modern fabrics and furniture. There would also be a billiards room in my expensive house, with a full size snooker table. I’d also have a big den, to relax in. The den would have bean bags and sofas to lounge on. There would be a pool table, a TV and a jukebox. If I felt like a snack, there would be a fridge full of goodies and a popcorn maker and a juice machine.

I would allow my grounds to be used by local charities, for example the Disabled Riders charities. My expensive house could also be a venue for fundraising for different causes.

The best thing about having the money to live where you want is the chance to have space. Most people have to live on top of each other. The only problem would be choosing a location for my expensive house. It’s a tough decision because I like cities, countryside and the coast too. I know I can’t have all three so I’ll pick the countryside but there would have to be a wood and a lake nearby. I’d potter around in a little boat on the lake, fishing for my supper. I’d indulge my other hobby of bird watching. My expensive house could have a hide, equipped with powerful binoculars.

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