Console Tables – The Perfect Marriage Of Storage And Style

Standing in the hall holding linens or welcoming guests in the entry way, console tables have long been part of a homes’ décor. Sometimes cluttered, but always useful their popularity is vastly increasing, since being add to living room décor. Designed to be placed against a wall they are now being placed against the backs of sofas as well. So not only can you stash the day’s mail on one as you come in the door you can also serve wine on one in the comfort of your living room. If it has drawers your wine key and coasters will be close at hand.

Once just decorative, console tables now have a greater purpose; storing and displaying your favorite things. So, welcome guests with a bouquet of bright booms and have a paper and pen waiting handily in a drawer to leave a note. Add interest in the hall with a picture of your trip to France that reminds you of the luxuriousness of good bedding as you pull out fresh linens from the drawers below. Serve some peanuts in the living room alongside an elephant lamp as you search for your Dumbo DVD behind the artfully embellished lower door. Or get creative and use some demilune console tables to hide the old radiators in your newly re-vamped farm house.

Not only will you have storage and display space, but you will also have the chance to showcase your personal style with the console table you choose. Perhaps you like the elegant look of a rich cherry finished table with gracefully curving legs, or the contemporary feel of a metal base with a smooth marble like top. Maybe you prefer the country charm of a barn red table with a love worn, distressed finish for that cottage appeal. Whatever you fancy that will fit in your home or add some punch to your décor you can find in a console table. They’re everything you need; the perfect marriage of storage and style.

Some have spaces for a stack of books, some have doors as well as drawers, some have multiple shelves and some have doors with windows so you’ll always know what you hid in there. Some will take you to France, Italy or Persia with their hand painted details while others are a bit whimsical with bright stripes or polka dots. There are so many styles, shapes and sizes available that you’re sure to find a console table that fits your everyday needs. Coordinate it with the colors in your sofa or the shape of your coffee table. Try brightening a hallway with a flower-covered beauty. The choices are endless.

More and more people are becoming enchanted with console tables, especially in the living room. They’re so versatile that once you have one it is hard to imagine how you got a long without it. See all the different designs available and compare prices by shopping online. Then you’ll know what to look for if you want to scavenge you local stores. No matter what type you choose, console tables create a stunning and functional focal point in any room.

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