Choosing Rugs And Tapestries: The Entryway

Rugs and tapestries can be used to add ambience to a room, to warm up a stark-looking space, to make an uncomfortably large room appear smaller, or to add to the overall effect of the theme of a room. Choosing the perfect rug or tapestry will be dependent on the effect you want the piece to have on your room.

Rugs are a perfect multi use item of décor. They can be found on the floor or used as tapestries to hang over railings and on walls. They are very mobile and also very durable.

The choice of rug for the entryway might seem trivial, but it is very important. For a room that receives heavy traffic, you will not want a thick and expensive rug. The main purpose of a rug in such an area is to add some color to the floor, and perhaps as an added level of insulation. This type of rug should be dulled down in color, as it is also not meant to be an eye catcher. People are only passing through. Rugs in entryways can still add personality to the area, with a simple message or design that is appropriate (“Welcome” is, of course, the most widespread conveyance). In the entryway, remember that the rug is probably going to be the first item a guest will see that gives them a clue as to the type of home you keep, so you might want it to have some reflection of your personality and style.

Tapestries are always meant to be seen and will speak volumes about your styles and tastes. A tapestry can be hung on the wall in an entry way, and again you will want this to provide a good clue as to the type of home a guest is entering. Rich and warm colors are important, and the design should not be too overwhelming. Make sure the colors of the tapestry do not clash with your paint. To add effect, a mirror can be placed on the wall opposite the tapestry to give the effect of two tapestries.

When people enter your home, the décor will immediately give them a subtle clue as to who you are. Remember this when you are shopping for that rug or tapestry to add some zing to your entryway.

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