Best Price Car Buying Technique

To get the best deal, whether you’re buying a new or used car, you want to avoid the “lion’s den”. In other words, don’t even go to a Dealer until you’ve already struck a deal.

That’s right. To get the absolute best price possible, you do not want to be sitting there in a Dealership negotiating back and forth with a salesperson. This is where they want you.

The Dealership is where they can wear you down or confuse you with their very effective selling techniques such as “the 4-sguare”, “going for a bump”, “using leg”, and many others.

Instead, you want to stay off their turf entirely by simply using the phone.

Call three or four Dealerships with similar vehicles and tell them you are buying a car in the next 48 hours. Also tell them the car you are interested in and that you are comparing final offers from four different Dealerships. Keep the call straightforward and short.

By doing this, the Dealers are forced to compete for your sale. Let them get back to you with their best “out-the-door” prices. If a Dealer’s quote takes them out of the running, let them know you’ll consider another offer from them.

Trust me, Dealers want your business. They’re not going to want to lose the sale, particularly when they also know you are buying a similar vehicle somewhere else.

The last Dealer standing wins. Only then do you go to the Dealership to look at and drive the car, and to then do the paperwork if you are satisfied.

This technique also works even better during the last two or three days of the month. Often, Dealerships have monthly quotas and their last few days “make or break them”.

By following this technique, you’ve been the one in control during the entire process.

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