{You can decide to go for satellite parking in Orlando Airport when you go on vacation

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{You can decide to go for satellite parking in Orlando Airport when you go on vacation

{You can waive away the issue of security while parking your vehicles under the Orlando International Airport satellite parking. There is regular patrol in this place being carried out by the Orlando police station at the Airport. Moreover, the place is fenced to enhance security. Your car is secured while having your vacation in Orlando.|It will be interesting for you to know that satellite parking lots in Orlando Airports are three. You will get to know the Blue, Red, and Gold satellite parking lots. These lots are located in Cargo Road South approach road and West of Blue lot respectively. These lots serve you as you have a swelling vacation time in Orlando.}

{There is a need for you to know that not all kinds of vehicles are accommodated in the Orlando Airports during your vacation. Vehicles that are more than 2 feet in length are not allowed in the lots. So, if you have a vehicle with this description, you better think of alternative than wanting to park it in the satellite parking lots during your vacations.|In your quest to have a wonderful vacation in Orlando, you should know that there is a shuttle service that can take care of the handicapped. You should get to find out in details about this service well in advance. This will make you to know about your access in good time before your vacation.|You can park your cars in the terminal garage of the Orlando Airport. This is another service that will make your Orlando vacation a memorable one. Your vehicle is safe in this garage.}

{Be ready to part with some parking costs as you utilize terminal garage parking in Orlando airport. The costs range is thus: $17 per day and $1 per 20 minutes. Moreover, you only have to park your vehicle for only 60days. As you consider your vacations in Orlando, consider this info also.|Terminal garage parking lot has a grace period you may want to utilize. The time is just about 40minutes. You have the chance of going in and out of this parking lot during this time but anything beyond the time, you will start paying. So, take note of this as you continue to make plans of vacations in Orlando.}

{Terminal garage parking lot as the name applies, has close proximity with the main terminal building. You can even stroll from the terminal to it. Moreover, the garage is highly secured, as there is a constant patrol of Orlando police station in the Orlando Airport around it. You do not need to be afraid of the security of your car as you utilize this service during your Orlando vacation.|The capacity of cars that can be accommodated in the covered terminal garage of Orlando Airport is 9,300 private cars. However, it is not all kinds of vehicles that are allowed since the garage is covered. If your car or vehicle is above 7’0” in height it will not be allowed in the garage.|The Orlando Airport add flavor to your Orlando vacation as you utilize the parking services it provides. Whether you opt for satellite parking or terminal garage parking, your vehicles are secured. Moreover, you also negotiate for other close places around this secured airport to park your car during your stay in Orlando.}

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