Which Style Of Shaw Rugs Fits Your Style

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Which Style Of Shaw Rugs Fits Your Style

Shaw Rugs have been in the carpet business so 1846 so you’ve got over a 100 years or experience to rely on. One look at Shaw rugs and you’ll instantly recognize Shaw builds quality rugs with over 30 different lines and hundreds of styles. So which style of Shaw rugs fits your style?
1. Accent Rugs
Shaw’s accent rugs are made of polypropylene and present a soft cozy texture and are available from the rich earth tone shades right through to the vibrant jewel tones. Casual fashion that covers modern, Santa Fe, Asian and every other home decor trend.
32 accent rugs to choose from but my favorites are the Château which is a deep rich chocolate brown with wonderful scroll work around the outer edges, Antiquity which truly looks like an antique rug set on a deep golden tan adorned with scrolls and florals of the Victorian area, and Percussion which is a modern contemporary pattern that has a southwestern flare to it. Of course they’re all gorgeous! Choosing 3 favorites is really tough!/p>
2. Anthony Rugs
Anthony rugs features a dense carpet in traditional Persian designs made of 100% New Zealand Wool. Done in a wonderful mix of traditional antique colors complete with florals and geometrics from the Victorian era.
Of the 10 Anthony rugs to choose from my favorite is the Island Hibiscus in its wonderful mix of blues and burgundies and flowers.
3. Casual Dining Rugs
Are perfect for just what they say – a casual dining area – 16 different patterns to choose from in a bright and cheery array of colors and patterns. Greens, burgundies, blues, chintz patterns, geometric patterns. They are gorgeous!
My favorite is the summer orchid with its rich fuchsia colors and lively border. Of course you need the right room for this one to work! The Country Side in midnight blue is a beautiful rug also and it would fit in most any room!
4. FolkWorks Rugs
This is an eclectic mix of rugs that are designed from a wide array of cultural designs, textures, and textiles. Textile ideas are taken from the Museum of International Folk Art and the Museum of New Mexico. All the folkworks rugs are made from 100% New Zealand wool making them soft and luxurious! With over 20000 textile designs to choose it can be a bit overwhelming but you’ll know the right one when you see it.
My favorite is the Cibola which is a red and white staggered checker. It’s absolutely stunning! My second choice would have to be the La Paz which has an intricate Mexican design that’s certain to get noticed.
5. Golden Age Rugs
The Golden age rugs are all created from 100% New Zealand wool and it’s the newest collection to be added to the Shaw line. Innovative, creative, and truly a work of art. These styles are in the traditional styles of old world and would be the perfect choice for a formal dining room, a living room, or any other room that has a touch of the old world.
I would have to say my favorite is the Ebony Abussom rug. Earth tones mixed with a deep rich midnight blue with a beautiful design that is captivating and intriguing. This is certainly a rug worthy of your attention!
6. Mary Kate & Ashley Rugs
Of course this is the most popular brand in America for the girls. Trendy, unique, fashionable, and popular with all the young women. Trendy young women simply can’t resist these bold geometric designs and flowers, set on a jazzy vibrant color base.
Only those with a trendy decor will be interest in this line, but I find them absolutely irresistible even if they might not suit my home. It’s really tough picking a favorite. They are all so vibrant and captivating. I would have to choose the City Block, Hip Hippie, and the Orbital. Sorry I just couldn’t narrow it down to one. This fabulous line makes you want to rush out and change your decor just so you can have one of these irresistible rugs!
I’ve only touched on the a few of the Shaw rug lines available but a quick search online and you’ll find samples of over 30 rug lines and hundreds of patterns, textures, and styles to choose from. Are you having trouble deciding which style of Shaw Rugs fits your style? I didn’t say it would be easy. With so many beautiful quality rugs to choose from it can be difficult to choose!

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