When winter hits there’s one area that we often wish was warmer than it is

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When winter hits there’s one area that we often wish was warmer than it is

A furnace is typically what most of us think of when we think of heating our home or garage. For homes that have an attached garage, this is typically the route they’ll go. In most cases for those considering using home furnaces as garage heaters it involves having the garage fitted for heating ducts. This should be done by a professional to ensure it’s done safely.

If you don’t want to go to that much trouble or you do indeed have a detached garage there are many garage heaters that will work for you. The prices and sizes range and typically your first consideration when looking for one should be the size of the space you will be heating. Most garage heaters are designed to heat upwards of a 500 sq ft space, which is more than adequate for a typical garage.

Electric is the easiest to use and doesn’t require any special installation techniques. These can be used as soon as they are purchased. When you buy electric garage heaters pay close attention to their energy requirements. You must know the wiring specifications of your garage before you purchase one of the garage heaters. Buying one not designed for your wiring system could be a safety hazard.

Most models come with two different heat settings. This is typical of almost every portable heater that you can purchase regardless if it’s designed for home or garage use. Many of the garage heaters that are available can heat a standard two-car garage in about an hour when placed on the high setting. If you are going to be out in the garage changing the car’s oil or working on a project, you can go out early, turn on the heater and the space will be warm once you are ready to begin.

You may be concerned with the safety issues of having a heater running in a spot where flammables, including gasoline are held. Electric garage heaters are incredibly safe to use and as long as they are placed in a spot that is free of debris or anything that can catch fire, they are fine to use. It’s not advisable that you leave garage heaters plugged in for days on end, but if you want to warm the garage before you leave in the morning, run out, plug it in and then shower and eat breakfast. By the time you are ready to go, the cold chill will be taken out of the garage, making it much easier to get yourself and your car moving.

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