Using Room Color To Sell Your Home

As soon as they walk in the door, potential buyers are going to be subtly influenced by the colors of the rooms. These influences can be positive or they can be negative, and they’re more important than you might think. Some people even claim that complex colors attract wealthy and educated people, while simple colors attract people of less education and income. I don’t know about that last part, but I do know that giving some thought to your decorating scheme will make your home more attractive to home buyers. You want people to imagine themselves living in your place when they walk through that door. You can do this by co-ordinating your color scheme to guide them to your home’s best selling points.

Exterior: Take note of your exterior color. If you can match the color and repeat it throughout the house, it creates an atmosphere of harmony. (It helps if the exterior is an attractive color!)

Kitchen and Dining Room:

Think food. Eating areas feel most natural when painted with “food” colors. Think the brown of coffee, the yellow of egg yolks and the greens of vegetables. Try darker shades, as we associate rich colors with healthful foods. There are many colors that food has lent their names to, like plum, lime green, orange, banana yellow, grapefruit pink, cherry red, blueberries that can help you choose a color scheme.

Living Room:

It really depends on the size of the room and where you want to guide the buyer’s eyes. A lighter color (perhaps a lighter version of the exterior color) helps make a smaller living room more spacious. A darker color can make it seem smaller or deemphasize awkward angles. A warmer hue can make a living room seem more cozy and inviting.


White is always a popular choice, but since it is most likely already present in the fixtures, too much of it can create a sterile atmosphere. A light shade of blue or green is good here, as it adds color while still imparting an image of cleanliness.

Bedrooms: Rich, muted blues, greens and some reds can make a bedroom seem intimate and relaxing. However, for selling, neutral colors are excellent choices. They are soothing and understated, which helps potential buyers easily see how the room could suit their tastes.

It has been noted that warm colors help sell houses in cooler climates, and vice versa. This may help you if you are having difficulty choosing between colors.

Colors can help bring the house together and de-emphasize aspects of the house that could be off-putting to a potential buyer. However, the effective application of color is up to the seller, to figure out the best color to show off their house’s interior.

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