Used Office Chairs: What to Look Out for Before Buying

Office chairs are one of the most used furniture in the world of marketing business, telecommunications, and basically everything else that requires an office and computers. Almost every company makes use of office chairs. It is not uncommon therefore that even home offices or even computer tables make use of office chairs.

However, these pieces of furniture do cost a lot. Some would go up to $1500 (like some of Herman Miller’s excellent Aeron models), other, lower priced ones, can be found starting at about $50. But many of those lower priced ones actually tend to be of low quality too and very uncomfortable so if you are setting up a humble home office, or a small business, you’ll probably have to deal with budget cuts on your office chairs to furnish or give way for other more important office needs. Buying office chairs, however, need not be very expensive. What is probably very abundant in America is the presence of used products. You’ll find garage sales and flea markets everywhere so you should look for used office chairs in those areas first.

Make flea markets your haunt, and with enough time and patience, you may find a used office chair that you want. But when choosing a used office chair, take note of a few minor details before actually coughing up the cash for buying it.

Look at the used office chair form every angle. See if the seat is tilted in any way or if the seat hangs to one side. This chair is probably already broke and might just cause a backache rather than comfort you’ll just end up spending more rather than saving your bucks. Consequently, look also at the back rest of the chair especially if it is a reclining chair. If the back rest is a bit diagonal or tilted in any way, don’t buy it.

Test the used office chair’s tilt mechanism. Sit on it and try a few different positions. If the seat is hard to manipulate or tilt, you might not want to buy it. Hard to control seats may be the onset of rusting or damage in its inside mechanisms and you wont want your seat to fall apart when you’re on it.

Look at stains and droplets on the used office chair’s cushion. It’s also good thinking to smell the cushion although you might look funny doing it. Some stains or remnants of stains may not be seen but smelled. If the chair reeks, get away from it. You won’t want other people’s liquids transferred to you don’t you?

It’s ok if the used office chair has a few stains though. Those cannot be avoidable. You can even use them as discount reasons.

Look for scratches on the used office chair’s back rests also under the seat and scratches somewhere near the mechanisms for adjustment. You’d want these places to be clean so you’ll know if its been tampered with or damaged.

Test the knobs and levers on the used office chair especially those used to lift the chair. Some office chairs use air to lift or lower the height of the used office chair. Lift the chair to its highest position and then sit on it for a considerable amount of time. If it slowly decreases in height then there might be leak in its air chamber. This doesn’t really matter if you want to use the used office chair in its lowest position but if you want it adjusted periodically, find a chair that stays high when you make it high.

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